Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My long and complicated relationship with the bovine.

Memory time! When I was over 2 and under 6 I would always drink warm milk, before bed, from my Thomas the Tank engine plastic mug. (I want that back, whomever in the world has it.) Somewhere around 12 and 17 I asked to have Pasta with cheese grated on top of it. I loved it and continued to eat it at least once a week since the first time. Somewhere between 9 and 15 I would watch Gladiators on a Saturday and eat a burger with a cheese slice melted on it. When I was 21 I graduated and on my graduation day my mum bought me steak from Asda. (We'd had steak before but this one was memorable.) Somewhere around 22 I decided I wasn't eating beef anymore. Somewhere around 22 I decided not to eat cow cheese any more and proceeded to eat goats and ewe milk cheese. That didn't last long. Somewhere around 22 I ate a steak on the East Coast of the USA and realised that my intestines no longer knew how to process such things. Somewhere between 22 and 25 I ate beef and Broccoli from Singh's garden with Kate. Somewhere between 27 and 29 I had countless burgers, and steaks and barbecues... off the wagon? On the beef wagon? Somewhere around 27 I vomited ice cream. Somewhere around 27 I decided I was done with ice cream. Somewhere around 28 I decided I was done with cow milk. Somewhere later in 28 I drank some cow milk. It hurt my tummy. I ate through it. Somewhere around 7 weeks and 1 day ago I decided I was done with Dairy and processed carbs (ie bread in all its forms). Somewhere around 6 weeks and 1 day ago I noticed that I had shed a lot of excess mass. Somewhere in the past 7 weeks and 1 day I have eaten small amounts of butter (Lurpak of course), and if dairy shows up in things that have been put in front of me I don't make a fuss, I eat around, or just eat it. I still eat Potatoes (I can't deny my roots), but bread, tortillas, and all other things bread and yeast like have been rejected. I did eat cake on Jon's birthday (but I had made it myself, so it was minimally processed). I don't want to say i'm on Paleo, but i'm basing my thought process on paleo. And for the sake of living in society I try to not let it effect anyone. It's a great time because there's been so many gluten free people for so long that most places will do 'protein style', 'low card style' etc etc. Positive effects, a few. Weight loss, higher energy, less bloating, less allergic symptoms. The discovery of Larabars in all their flavours. The Negative effects. The meat. It's hard to eat meat sometimes. I get fed up of poultry and move on to bacon or beef every now and again and it makes me sick mentally. Today I had bacon and a tonne of asparagus for lunch. The bacon was so fatty I had to just pretend it wasn't an poor little piggy wig. I'll only have beef if I'm super craving it. For the most part I don't miss Cheese. I thought I would. Every now and then I kind of want it, but then I remind myself that I've eaten my fair share for several lifetimes in the first 29 years of my life. As for bread products and pasta, I have had a lot more of them than Dairy products in the past few weeks, Small nibbles of a tortilla from a burrito that I have dissected and Pumpkin stuffed ravioli, only 2. And there was that one night... Somewhere around 5 weeks ago I ate a pizza because it was all that was in the house, and I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst pain in my stomache I have ever felt. I need to be 'burped' like a small child. No more pizza. (I really do crave dominos... maybe for a special occasion.)

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