Monday, 30 June 2008


Last week Annie Annie was down from Dundee (because she's in Dundee from New York until tomorrow... sigh) and we went vintage clothes shopping (among other awesome things to do in Glasgow).

Annie, the genius that she is, happened upon this awesome little dress which is now my best friend.

We also embarked upon the art galleries and were turfed out at five and I caused an African village to go thirsty because I couldn't turn the stupid tap off. Lame technology.

I saw Annie yesterday as well, I drove up after church and hung about for a while and we hit up the awesome bakery. When in Dundee you have to go to the bakery. FACT.

We also watched V for Vendetta. I am V, given that it is my initial and all. It was a good idea, with a really interesting dig at the entire world and state of affairs. Loved it. I also liked the quote about how ideas are bulletproof.

Take that world p p p pow. V(ikki Miller) and her ideas are invincible.

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