Monday, 30 June 2008

Bodger and Badger and Bono

So, I have a theory, and it came about the other day in work.

I mentioned how much I want to see a badger while driving and then a co-worker told me that her man had knocked a badger down. To which another co-worker said 'Awww, shame. It should have been Bono.'

So, what if Bono was a badger? That is my thought. I would be able to knock him down freely, kill him, skin him, maybe eat him. The possibilities are endless.

Then I started wondering if Bono was a badger what kind of badger he could be. And I could only think of one badger that is as annoying as Bono.

Yes you guessed it, the Badger with Bodger's hand stuck up him.

I took the investigation further and you know what that means, I did some google searching. Searching of the google.

Here's what I found.

A seemingly innocent looking picture of bodger and badger.

BUT WAIT. Look closer.

Is that Bono's annoying smile poking through, could it be?

let's look closer, using the latest in laser eye colostomy space station technology.


BONO is Badger.

And everybody knows Bono loves Mashed Potato.

Don't take my word for it. Take a look for yourself:


That was annoying, Thus Bono is Badger.

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