Thursday, 4 December 2008

14 days.

... I disappeared for pretty much two weeks.

No one really knows where i went. I just kind of vanished.

But I have found myself at home.

With a furry black cat.

With black beed sheets.

With a map on my wall.

I am indeed back in Glasgow.

My flight landed about 22 hours ago, I then spent one of those hours sitting in the airport. 1.5 of those hours getting from Edinburgh to Glasgow and talking to Kate.

11 of those hours asleep.

and 8.5 of those hours attending to random business online, eating soup, openine mail, watching The Hitchhiker's guide to teh galaxy and Josie and the Pussycats.

The last few days in Utah have been a blur.

Thanksgiving was spent with Mike's parents.

Thanksgiving weekend was spent, pretty much with Jon... with a trip to the chuck with Maddy and her Mum and Grandpa inbetween... MEGA. Oh the chuck how i love thee.

I also got to watch amelie on Saturday night, and any day with Amelie is a good day.

The flight back was pretty uneventful. There was a lot of turbulance and at one point I thought we were going to either loose an engine and start/end a paraellel universe or that we would be sucked onto a deserted island that wasn't deserted.

I had a six hour lay over in New York. So I left the airport, (wearing my golden uggs of joy warmth and comfort), got on the air train, got on the A train, went to brooklyn and found annie. I let myself into her building and pushed the floor I suspected she was on. The elevator stopped at the one floor before the one I had pressed and there she was, waiting to get on the lift to go to the 6th floor. It was like a scene from a movie. I kid you not.

We then chatted, sat, I ate quiche that she had made me :) and we drank some tea and then I headed back to the airport. There are no pictures because I was so tired and so drugged up that I was using all my abilities to function and the thought of picture taking hadn't even crossed my mind.

I need to show you pictures of the golden uggs. or Fuggs as they should be called. They're also too small for me, so I might sell them, or not. i can't decide. They're only too small when I walk and my foot moves forward. If I stand still they're fine haha.

So jet lagged is me... it's 7:30am. It's pitch black outside, it's cold. It's miserable, it's a scottish winter.


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