Saturday, 20 December 2008

I <3 Numbers

When I worked full time with Rufio back in the day my favourite part of being the monkey was to look at the stats of all the people that had looked at our sites, and where they had come from.

Today, while in Iceland, I was thinking that if I worked there I would try to count how many items i put through a day – numbers interest me.

So you have to excuse me when I tell you and show you my phone bill for the month of december.

I like seeing how many messages I sent to people.

To make life easier I went through and lised, by name, the people.

As we can see there is a clear winner. Jon, Toni, Mary, Kate. I think it goes.

Oddly enough, Kate is always at the top of my itemised bill.

Needless to say my bill was higher this month than it has been. But not at its highest. The £111 shocker of last november still gets me every time.

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