Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Seis Meses

Counting from today back, it has been exactly six months since Carrie Underwood visited Salt Lake City. Six months. Oh how I miss her.

Sometimes it feels like longer than six months, other times it feels like the same day that she was here – but a really long day.


There is not one second of the last six months that I regret, and, in fact, I think my priorities, and my life, and future decisions are all based on different foundations than they were six months ago – and I'm happy about that.

I'm actually just happy in general. I think that's why I blog less and less – I just don't have as much drama, pent up tension and emotion, confusion, upset, turmoil or despair as I once, possibly, did.

Six months...

Thank you Carrie Underwood... thank you.

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