Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Tuesday Stats: Size Matters.

I went to Scotstoun leisure centre for swimming today.


Because now that I have to pay to go to Clydebank's Playdrome, I refuse to actually go there, the pool is disgusting and you can see skin, and dirt, and plasters floating in it. Sick dot com.

So, I took my mum's council employee card and got into scotstoun for a pound ten. A pound ten... you can't knock it.


It was 'lady's night,' and it was so completely weird swimming about with only women in the pool. I loved it though.

And I was swimming life in the fast lane. Oh yes.

200m FC
200m BS

500m legs only with flippers (200 FC, 100 FLY, 100 BC, 100 BS)

100m FLY

500m FC paddles and flippers

100m BC paddles and flippers
100m BS paddles

100m BS legs
200m FC

100m Swim down.

Total: 84 lengths, 2100m, 57 minutes.

The pool was interesting in depth.

The shallow end was 1.2m deep and the deep end was 1.5m deep.

30cm makes all the difference because I almost drowned myself a few times.

The pool I used in salt lake was about 1.2m deep end and shallow end, so i kept thinking that I was closer to the floor of the pool when I wasn't and I was partially drowning. It kind of sucked.

Just goes to show what 30cm in size actually means – death.

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charles said...

LADIES NIGHT at the pool! YEAH!

Sounds so amazing.