Sunday, 10 January 2010

Jonathan Carr

... and his seven piece wonder band.

I work with this dude. And for ages he's been trying to get me to listen to his myspace music page. Eventually I told him I would attend his gig and then be surprised on the night.




I kid you not. The boy has some crazy vocals. Crazy vocals.

Although his music isn't 100% my taste, it's incredible. Very well composed and conducted, and incredibly performed.

It's kind of country Jazz. I've been describing it as Bruce Springsteen meets The Rat Pack meets 'Britain's Got Talent' (it has just that edge of 'clean vocals' that is ever present on those talent reality TV shows.


The highlight, for me, was when he did a Michael Jackson intro into the beginning of one of his songs which he wrote back in June when Jackson died. Mr Carr Man's song, called 1958, was merged with the intro of the incredible vocal variant Jackson song 'The way you make me feel'. And, I wish I had had some form of video equipment, hearing the intro performed live, in a way that was almost a ghostly echo of the King himself was well worth the five fine pounds I paid to go to the gig. Amazing.

I must also add that I am dying, and the emergency GP didn't think I was, I think I am. I have pneumonia, and she won't believe me. I'm going to the doctors again on Monday.

Anyway, I had pre-paid for my ticket for tonight, and therefore made myself go, otherwise I would have stayed in the one spot comatose in my bed.

Here is mr carr's myspace page:

and some photos I made myself take:

Ever blurry as always, I'm starting to like the blur, it's becoming my style.

Anyway, Mr Carr is an awesome work colleague, and he's always got my apple back, so I made myself go tonight despite the cold outside, and the time it took to scrape and defrost my car. It was definitely interesting, and there were loads of apple people there. I was standing at the back with lots of them for ages, and then some idiots in front of and next to me wouldn't stop talking loudly and then they kept standing in front of me and no matter where I stood to see around them they would move their heads (talking to each other) in front of me. So I eventually threw in the towel and rudely pushed my way to the front to 1. Get pictures and 2. See the band and 3. Hear the band in all it's loud glory.

I love King Tuts. I think any band that plays in King Tuts sounds good... or at least the headline tuts anyway.

What's crazy is that a guy I work with at apple was the sound guy, and another was their photographer. Apple is just heaving with talent, it always surprises me. Apple international have an annual singing competition like X-factor, and last year 2008, it was won by a girl in the Glasgow store called Steph. She won something like 60k of money to spend on music equipment. Now this was out of all the apple employees in all the world. She got flown to California for the finals and everything. Kind of crazy.

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Tari McDonald said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well! Get better soon!