Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Carnival Assignment Dream

Last night I had a long shift at apple, I was working until midnight, which isn't too bad, but I had started at three, and at 6 when the shop shut I had to move my car and then start a moving, shifting, chancing, swapping shift. It was fine. Just a lot of physical labour.

I got home about 12:30 and watched some ladies cross, which was crazy. They were like little rabbits bouncing up the hills, it was kind of awesome. Then I did some bobsleigh and went to bed.

My dreams were even quite the labour. The last dream I had was amazing. The detail, and the story were kind of gripping. It was good. The more I think about it though, the more I realise where I got the ideas from.

I'll start from the beginning of where I remember.

I was with a few family members, my mum and cousin kate included down near the train station outside my house.

as if from no where strange buildings and hedges appeared. They were like large hedge mazes, with stone work in the middle of each of the hedge squares. The entire landscape around the train station had changed and I was pretty baffled by the whole thing and was like 'what on earth are those things.' My mum said 'I don't know' which was very intuitive of her.

We walked around the front of them for a second and found an opening that was a bridge across the train track. There was a huge corridor not unlike an airport corridor with lots of people spread so far apart that it seemed like very few people. I crossed over and when I reached the other side there was a stair case, a very non-committed, weak stair case, identical to the ones you get on rides at carnivals. Because it was one. There were red and yellow lights flashing from below and I had to queue on the stairs to get down. I was handed one yellow ticket, with a number on it. The number corresponded to a person and a time and a place, that I just knew.

At this point of my 'movie dream' I was afforded the knowledge that my cousin, and my sister had both been here, and done this.

Kate's story was that she'd been there a day or so before, and she didn't have much time to be freed. The number we were given when entering, corresponded to a person that had to die before 5pm that day. I was filled with images of Kate completing her task and burying the body of her victim under a tree.

Lola hadn't been there too long and she was just wandering still.

I got into the carnival area only to find that it wasn't a carnival, it was life, it was another world. But it was always a holiday. The sun was out, there were amazing shops, there were amazing restaurants, and millions of leisure activities. It was like a package holiday, for free, forever. There were hundreds and hundreds of people just everywhere, happy and just having the best time of their life because they didn't have to work or do normal life things.

I didn't find it fun at all. In fact I was bored with it, and so I was able to see it for what it was. It was like a huge slaughter house and battery for the man that had started the weird colony. He was powered by the fun and enjoyment of other people.

After doing some super sleuthing I located this man and had a show down with him where I realised that it was 'fun' that gave him strength. I remember jumping around him shouting 'I'm not having fun, i'm not having fun.' Which meant I was free to go before the 5pm lock down time. I obtained some kind of document from him that was like my birth certificate and other things. I also located kate and brought her with me. Now, I remember there being two bodies buried under the tree, so I'm not sure if I completed my task or not. I'm not sure.

I went to the 'check out desk' (like an airport or hotel) and the woman wanted to see my yellow ticket, she approved it, and I showed her the other documents that I had gotten from the guy in charge of everything and then she let me go.

I was then back at my house, because this place was right outside my house, and I had my mum and kate with me and we were going back in to rescue Lola before 5pm. I was packing tonnes of stuff in my bag that we might need for an adventure. Which is something I always do, I always over pack. I had water, and rope, and tonnes of different documents like birth certificates and proof that Lola belonged to us.

We then started to venture back in, and at the top of the stairs the story changed, and my friend Kyle was the main character. We started following Kyle about as he worked out the challenges of the world and what it all meant. He went though the same story as I did, and then made it to the check out desk. When he handed over his yellow ticket, which is the most important part of needing to get out of the world, the woman said, 'Oh but you didn't complete your task.' And Kyle said 'They didn't show up at the time or in the place.' And the woman behind the desk told him 'They always show up, they can't not show up, they have an appointment to keep.' And then Kyle told her that sometimes they don't, if they change their mind about where they want to be or what they want from life. And there was a flash back cut to Kyle finding his assignment and talking to the man for a long time persuading him about his course of life so he wouldn't show up and so Kyle didn't have to kill him.

At this point the movie continued, but we panned out and I was sitting in a cinema watching it with all my family.

I looked back up at the screen and Tom Cruise appeared as the credits were rolling, he was doing a 'making of' presentation, and I exclaimed 'Of course, Tom Cruise had to be behind this kind of movie.' He started talking about how it was based on a true story because long ago someone had tried to use the method of 'assignments' to kill Joseph Smith in the past, and because of the death of Joseph Smith the Mormon church was created.

I don't know how that part ended because my brother started getting hit with sweets and a couple of seats down from us this girl from YSA in Dundee was sitting throwing stuff at him. That's her personality, quite the young, hyper kind of girl.

And about this point I decided enough was enough and I woke up.

I can actually see where a lot of the ideas have come from:

Dead Like Me — has the death assignment one
Heroes — for the carnival with someone that gets more powerful the more people are there
Heroes — again for the blood shed aspect
Spirited away — Also a carnival idea, and the visuals with the hedges were based on that

and my Visa application for the entire 'paperwork' aspect of things, having to hold on to scraps of paper, and show certificates to prove something.

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