Friday, 14 May 2010

the curious incident of the toothbrush in london

I went to London.

On my 'weekend', that is wendnesday and Thursday.

As part of my visa process I need a medical examination to make sure I'm not carrying contagious diseases or deadly diseases that could affect the lives of actual Americans.

The medical itself was short enough. Vaccination chats, Chest X-ray, blood samples, a quick swatch at everything to make sure I wasn't diseased or falling apart, eye tests, height and weight tests (which I joked to jon were to make sure I was adequate enough to marry and spawn with an american).

All around it was fine. And they send the results straight to the embassy and if there's nothing wrong with me then I won't hear from them, which is pretty awesome. I hope I never hear from them. :)

The actual journey london was horrid. I got the night bus, and I thought I was going to luck out and get two seats meaning I could spead my legs a little, but the last person on the bus, ironically an american girl, sat next to me, and so we spent the next eight hours cramped next to each other.

I was bursting for the loo and totally didn't want to disturb the girl, but at about 1am I saw she was totally awake and squeezed out past her to make my life more bareable. While walking to the back of the bus I was grabbing the back of chairs to steady myself and the last chair I grabbed was warm, and fuzzy and a little moist. yes it was black man's head. I hadn't seen him because it was so dark and he opened his eyes and just grunted at me. I couldn't stop laughing. I was sitting back in my seat and I would think about the head grab and start to chuckle and I would have to bury my head in my pillow so that I didn't come across as a total weirdo.

I got to london about 7am, and I grabbed breakfast and then headed to portobello road in the hope of seeing Angela Lansbury and her Bed.

I was way too tired to take pictures, I was also far too early for it to be in its full glory, it was awesome though, loads of antiques and vintage shops and market stalls, definitely somewhere to go in the afternoon, and about 50 years ago when Angela Lansbury was there. :)

I then headed to the parliament area and saw the sites around there, and I also saw the new prime minister from a big distance.

I then headed to Buckingham palace to see the Change of the Guard and ended up with the best view ever. it was awesome. I then started to travel to the V&A design and art museum, but half way there on the tube I got off because I figured I should get to the area that my appointment was. I then realised that the train I was on was the right one for getting me there, and I waited another 20 mintues for the next one because there was tube problems 'engineering works' 'a derailed train' and 'someone under a train' For real, the announcement said delays were happening because there was a person under a train. Under a train.

I got to Regent street and checked out the apple store there, and it was weird because it was the same but different and I felt like I should know everyone. They all looked familiar and there's totally an apple person in every store the same. There are other apple versions of me somewhere.

I then met eilidh and she walked me to my appointment which is brilliant because I don't know london and i would have been in the wrong place entirely, my favourite part was when I held the map and said 'Ahhh I get where we are now' and she looked at me and turned the map around in another direction, I still had no clue.

After the appointment I grabbed lunch at Pret a manger, possibly the best place in the world, and then hung around for eilidh to finish work, I almost fell asleep in Urban Outfitters.

When Eilidh finished work we went to dinner with some of her friends, and then bowed out at like 9:30 and headed to where she's living now in Canary Wharf, and I was pretty much asleep by 11:30. When it came time to get ready for bed I could not find my toothbrush. Brand new toothbrush, a couple of weeks old... gone. I was convinced I had had it and I knew I had packed it, so I wished it well on it's journey and adventure.

Then up again at 7 to catch the bus at 9 back home.

quick, but awesome. It's always a treat seeing Eilidh.

When I got home I showered, and headed out to Knitting Club (I knit two flowers on the bus home) and I also found my toothbrush, safe and sound in the bathroom. He'd made his own way home... clever little toothbrush. :)

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