Friday, 21 May 2010


So I've had some issues with something in the first Twilight movie for a while now.

I have loads of issues...

but this one bothers me and puzzles me greatly.

I specifically remember in the book that the scene depicted below was tale telling for Bella because she thought the waitress was stunningly good looking, and extremely hot, and Edward wouldn't look at the waitress at all because he only loves bella.

Now. If this is actually what the waitress was always meant to look like then I get it, she has a kind of look and unique something about her that makes her hard not to look at, but she isn't stunningly good looking — so this entire section of the movie makes very little sense to me or anyone that's never read the book, because it just looks like Edward is being rude by not looking at her and not that she's hot. Sorry unique looking lady. You're not hot, but you're not ugly either... and she also looks kind of old to me... like 35-40. Definitely not an interest to Edward.

In my opinion anyway.

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