Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Best Proposal in the World Ever.

I've always thought about the ideal proposal and I've come up with the most low key, un-galmorous, non-public real proposal which then elaborates into several proposals for 'public display and entertainment.' Why not have fun with it, one real one, and several fake ones, and it means when I am old and people ask how I was proposed to the story will change all the time and people will just think i'm making it up, but really, they all happened.


One such amazing proposal occured last night... one of my very good friends Paul the awesome Hichens proposed to his now fiance and I stole these pictures to show you how amazing it actually was.

I'm not sure where else in the world Kinder eggs are distributed but in the UK they are popular, and i remember buying loads when I was a kid to try and collect all the toys of a different series, like tiny terripins. Now, however, the toys are lame, the novelty is still there though. I love eating Kinder eggs.

This is not the point. The point is that Paul proposed with a kinder egg.

This is simply one of the best ideas i've ever seen... hence the blog mention.

Congratulations Paul :)

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Cammie said...

Yes, that is awesome. What was his fiance's reaction?!