Saturday, 25 April 2009

Things I wish they'd taught us to make on Blue Peter.

First off... I would like to say that when I was I kid I used to call Blue Peter Green Peter. I did this because I didn't like it. It was another 30 minute step between me and neighbours, so I would attempt to be a rebel and offend the TV programme by changing the colour in its name. Pretty awesome and offensive eh?

Ahh Blue Peter... all the things they taught us how to make. I actually never really made anything they showed me, I just never had an empty squeezy washing up liquid bottle or a yoghurt pot.

They're biggest triumph was Tracy Island I think:

But here is my list of things I wish we had been taught to make on blue peter:

1. A car exhaust.

2. A music stand.

3. A camera lens.

4. A teleportation machine.

5. A house.

6. A horse.

7. A visa and passport to anywhere in the world.

8. An audi TT that flies.

9. Wings.

10. A life size statue of michael jackson

11. A hover board.

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