Sunday, 26 April 2009

In My Lifetimes.

I've had quite a few different lives.

And every now and then I get sad and very nostalgic for one of my past lives. Or rather the potential that that past life could have if I didn't leave it behind.

Some notable past lives:

1. Age 0 - 6. Nuclear family.

2. Age 6 - 11. Non-religious.

3. Age 11 - 18. Mormon, high school.

4. Age 18 - 21. Dundee, Undergraduate, living with Lorraine, Laura and Jacqui.

5. Age 18 - 21. Glasgow, holidays and weekends. Eilidh and Dawn.

6. Age 21 - 22. Glasgow, working with Rufus, hanging with Mary and Charla.

7. Age 22 - 23. Dundee, Masters degree, living with Claire, hanging with Annie and Emma.

8. Age 22 - 23. Glasgow, Weekends, hanging with the skills mills.

9. Age 24. October to December. Hanging in Salt Lake. Meeting one group of friends that would be the most fun and amazing people to hang out with because they had the exact same values as me inside and outside religious committments.

10. Age 24 - 25. Glasgow, freelancing, with Rufus again.

11. Age 25. September to December. Hanging in Salt Lake again. Meeting different people. Hanging out with original friends. Loving it all.

12. Age 25. December. Glasgow. Freelancing with no clients.

13. Age 25. December - March. Hanging in Salt Lake again, with an entirely new agenda and new set of friends.

14. Age 25. March - present. Glasgow, freelancing, catching my breathe before I go again.

The life I want is a combination of numbers 13 and 9, and earlier this week I wanted number 2.

Anyway. Facebook is funny because it helps you keep in touch with the lives you've left behind. And every now and then a visual presentation of an event occurs that you could see yourself fitting right in to, but you weren't there, because it's not actually your life. And you're not entirely sure if it will be even if you try really hard to travel that path.

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charles said...

What about number 6? that was pretty cool.