Friday, 21 August 2009

Back to the Present

I think when you can't remember what you last blogged about it means that you aren't blogging enough.

Well if you're me anyway and used to have 5 blogs a day.

Twitter takes over. I don't like it. I end up posting all my crazy links and random thoughts on Twitter or facebook and the blog gets neglected. This place is more of a stable home for my thoughts though. I've been about for 5 years and it works... twitter will die out eventually just like coca cola and mcdonalds.

Nothing lasts forever.

So today I was unbelievably happy and I've no idea why. Everything's still the same. I have no money (even less than yesterday), I still have no job, but for some reason I was so happy.

I was listening to Journey's greatest hits, and dancing slightly while completing some work for Mark.

It was wonderful.

The day slowly turned into misery though. I really struggle living at home with my family when they have certain expectations for my day and then I feel like I'm doing things for other people rather than for me.

Maybe that's weird, I don't know.

Last week I bought my wedding dress... exciting.

I was going to have it made by Dolly Couture, and while browsing for dress ideas I found a real 1950s vintage number that is so utterly beautiful it almost made me cry. Seriously I'm that lame. It was so pretty though. I need to have the sleeves trimmed and lined and stuff and I wanted a collar on it, but maybe it would ruin it putting a collar on.... I love collars though... Alternatively I might have an awesome jacket... don't know... I suppose we'll see when it comes and I speak to my seamstress AKA Mother.

I think buying that dress was the best decision I've made to date... no wait... second best decision... number one would be to marry Jon the awesome McDonald. Number 2 would be choice of dress.

I have worries that people might not like it, my Mother wasn't a huge fan... I thought she would have liked it given that it's the same age as her... they have that in common you know... but she just told me what it wasn't and I said 'Do you really think I'd wear blah blah blah' and she was like 'Well I suppose not.'

And that was how that story ended.

I've no idea what she thinks about me up and leaving the country. Or getting married... but given that 4 months ago she was telling and expecting me to just get married on a whim?

So, I just played the longest game of scrabble ever... it lasted 4 days and at the end of it all I won. I kind of feel bad winning because I know i've made someone loose, and I would much rather take the hit of losing than have someone else suffer it.

This week I've not done much...

Monday I spoke to Mary the Skills Mills on the phone for three hours.
Tuesday I went to see Harry Potter and I was so scared.
Wednesday I eh... I've no idea. No Wednesday I went to see Harry Potter.
Tuesday I spoke to Mary.
Monday I must have done nothing.
Thursday I went to cammie's house with Donna and we ate and talked and drank teas and it was wonderful. Donna has the same thing as me where we don't know when to leave... so we stayed ages, and I kind of felt bad that we had maybe outstayed our welcome. Then Donna and I got scran and we went to her house to eat it and I stayed there until midnight and came home. Crazy.
Friday I stayed in and worked and listened to Journey and played scrabble.

I got invited to a job interview next Friday for the Apple store... so I'm excited about that... I think I would enjoy that job for a couple of weeks then I would hate it just like I hate all jobs, but at least it's some kind of sign of possible income.

Things are looking up... slightly.

I got my phone bill in this week and it was 16.6 times higher than it usually is and it's usually only £15.

So expensive. So the money that I could have spent on paying for Jon and I to put our forms in for immigration I'm having to spend on my phone bill.

I changed my contract today, so that's the last big bill. I should have changes it months ago.

Beyond all of that I have exactly 14 days left of being 25.

And I think, I want lottery tickets for my birthday. If I win I'll split the winnings 50% with the buyer of the ticket... it's only fair.


Zero and I are in a pack now.. we run in a pack together because we spend so much time with each other during the day.

I also decided today that cats are awesome because they have furry faces. Almost like masks that aren't masks. And their fur knows how to grow to different lengths to make them look pretty.

Oh Cats are wonderful.

here's hoping my future husband can be made unallergic.

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