Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Wedding Chat #1


So, it might be new news in the blogging world, but It's a month old news for me.. and I have a folder on the desktop called Wedding, Marriage, and Immigration.

In that folder in another one called Wedding, and in that folder is 8 folders titled:

photography ideas
quirky ideas

So, yeah... let's get cracking on the ol' wedding chat... Oh yeah!

I've been scouring many websites but my two favourites so far have been:

Rock N Roll Bride


Off Beat Bride

It's not because I think i'm so rock and roll or so crazy... but those sites are real, as opposed to the 'magazine' sites where the designer of a dress means more than the marriage itself.


I want this girl to make my dress. I want to have one of the ones in stock modified with possible colours and collars and sleeves and all sorts of excitement... pleased.

But for some awesome 'wedding porn' images I'm going to show you all the enjoyable photography ideas i've sourced over the past month... Ready?

Okay.. so I had 80 images in there so far... i've cut down to 45 so it's a little more manageable.

I love the Colour in this one.

When I first saw this movie (Control.. about Joy Division) I turned to my friend Mary the Skills Mills McIlroy (she just got married on Thursday) during this scene and I said, I want my wedding photos to look like that. I just love the angle, the focus, and the deep contrast.

Sadly it's the scene in the movie that Ian tells his wife he doesn't love her any more, but that's not the here nor there.

Can't beat a bit of the Chuck Taylor love.

Question: Will you be wearing Chuck Taylor's on your wedding day?

Answer: Although it's been done, it's very possible. It's a very 'me' thing to do. Wait and see my friends wait and see.

Turquoise... Yes.

Umbrella... LOVE IT.

Shapes, words, soft focus... love it all.

Type again. Random strangers love it... chalk drawing... AMAZING.

This is Max Wanger's section now.. the rest I can't remember where I found them, but Max Wanger is my current love and I am hoping I can make enough money to hire him, he's seriously the best I've found in the LA area. Amazing.

In this picture I love the play park, the way the girl isn't really in the shot, brilliant.

And the groom answers with his swing shot too.

Hand, objects, cuteness, I LOVE IT.

Sweeties.. best idea ever. Giant lollipop even better.

Hobbies and interests, random places, normal situations, strangers, poses, public transport. I can't get enough of this shot.

Again, strangers and public transport... it kind of makes the couple's love seem like a world of its very own. Like they're in a bubble of love.

Pirate Kite... Heck yeah... enough said.

CAT! Zero will most likely be moving with me to the States.

Shoes.. Kitsch shoes... SHOES!

Brilliant shot... public transport... different focus... juxtaposition... oxymoron. PERFECT. Pure dedication to the shot as well.

More public transport and oxymorons.

This reminds me of Roald Dalh's the witches... and the wee girl that lived in the painting. I love it. It also reminds me of innocence or little red riding hood or something. I love fairytales.

Flowers good.

Hollywood hills... it reminds me of the end of Singing in the Rain.

This one's a bit cheese but I like it.

I really love those hills. I just love the focal point and the way that Wanger knows people don't have to be close up to be in a picture.


Cutest Idea ever... I want my wedding laced with cuteness.

Asians always get the kitsch down to the K.


Personality comes from all of the person not just the face.

As I just said.


Love, smoochies... but dulled down a little so their kids can one day see the pictures.

Sparklers bring the pretty.

Hula Hoop... Rings... bond.

Type and Urban and the colour is immense.

The angle blows my mind.

More Type and words.

Say it by saying it.

Here endeth the Max Wanger... his stuff his here

I love it... seriously.

I love the different colours and textures of the petticoat.

This girl's hair is amazing. It reminds me of onion rings.

Doughnut wedding cake.

Coca Cola bottles and lollipops instead of flowers. I'm all about the alternatives.

I like the forrest, and the pose reminds me of a smashing pumpkins video or something.

I can't get over the perfect shape of the Silhouette. I've seen silhouettes before for wedding photos but none as amazing as this one. The stripes and stuff are perfect.

Can't beat the sunglasses.

I don't plan on jumping in water... but if it happened I would still look amazing and juxtaposed haha.

Mother cleaning a son's trousers... I just love how old it looks... and movie-esque.

I think that's what I'm going for is some kind of old movie star, vintage, tea party style or something. With colour, sugar, sparkle, cuteness, joy and sweets.

I love it. LOVE it.

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