Wednesday, 9 December 2009

beards part 4 - one down two to go.

Jack Wilde 09 December at 17:11 Report
how do i block u.... ur doing ma box in wea ur snash and crap patter... and u call me negative... did u just judge me... and u cant call me because ur a reject/loOser/gimp.
have a great life my lost love, maybe one day

the most kisses u will ever get... EVER

My response to that was never received because he learned how to block me before I replied. However, it was:

I will savour those kisses if they are the last. I had a dream the other night that had a lot of kissing in it. Then the man from FedEx rang the door and I was totally mad because the dream went away. I suspect you're right, between that dream and your x's those are the most kisses I will receive. Thanks for your kindness.

If I am judging you it's because I have a rule, Judge those that judge my best friends. I'm merely telling you that your perceptions and the things you think are true doctrine and commandments are not. And if they were you don't embarrass someone in a public and cowardice manner. You have no idea who could have read that and been turned off from the church. No idea.

Good luck with your blocking and beard growing endeavours.

May I ask what snash means? It's not in my vocabulary?

And also, I can't call you because I don't have your phone number it has nothing to do with me being loose. As I've said, being loose might be something I can only discuss with my bishop. And as for gimp, I have thought about trying that out, although I think that is definitely against the church teachings and you would have a hard time getting me into the celestial kingdom if I had been gimping myself.

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