Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I have a playlist that makes and updates itself. It is based on the top 111 songs that I listen to. The least listened to song has been played over 40 times, so the playlist is pretty competitive to get on to if you are a new song.

I've been listening to said playlist recently and a couple of songs cropped up that gave me the warm fuzzies.

Going Nowhere by Cut Copy

Japan by CocoRosie (just the first 30 seconds of this)

This is their cute little faces actually singing it... Gosh I love them. I saw them once in concert, but the night was terrible because some random and her friends ruined it by talking really loudly the whole way through. It was so stupid.

(embedding was disabled on this video)

So. Both of these songs were on the phone I had to buy while I was in Utah in 2007 because my own phone couldn't handle the sim card being switched over. It still can't, it gives me a lot of fuss, but I had to buy this to make my social life easier. :)

Seriously, those seven weeks are still, possibly the best ever. The pure freedom, the independence of living in Otto's attic and getting the trax to whole foods or the temple. It was actually sublime.

The cocorosie song was my ring tone (just the first 30 seconds), so everytime I hear it I think of one of the newly made friends at the time calling me.

And the Cut Copy track was my alarm clock. So I associate it, always, with waking up and having an adventure to go on. It never became a burden to be woken up.

Gosh it was actually so amazing.

It's not because of any particular thing or person, it was the whole experience, properly being on my own, somewhere so utterly far away, and having to sink or swim.

I hacked into the neighbour's wifi and was at least able to navigate my way around the city, and find swimming pools, and go to institute, and just have an all around whale of a time. Then Antoinette was there, and it was awesomer, and oh my it was just insane with awesomeness.

And we snuck up on Marcus and appeared on his doorstep, and had crazy hallowe'en shenanigans, and I drove on the wrong side of the road for ages, and it was always so warm, and autumny.

Huge sigh. It was actually amazing.

Slight overkill with the reminiscing. Every other trip after that wasn't the same because i'd done it before. There's just something completely exhilarating about doing something completely for the first time and not knowing if you can do it.

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