Thursday, 12 August 2010

Another Post?

Yeah... I'm just like the buses... wait for ages then three come at once.... 'I'll take jokes from the 90s for $10'.


I just got my tetanus injection which cost me a grand total of £3, rather than the £25 they wanted to charge me in London.

I just hope that the £22 saving is worth the paperwork hassle, because now I have to show an incomplete immunisation record that was given to me by the London medical people with a piece of paper that looks completely forged that says I got my injection today.

Here's hoping it all works out for me. £22 is a lot of money. :)

Okay, so at the bottom of my immunisation record it says I'm patient number 62!

Really? Yeah really.

How can I be so low. I imagine there's hundreds more patients there now, given that it's hard to get an appointment.

I also imagine that the people who are 1 - 61 will be of different ages, and some, therefore, may have passed on, making me even more of a doctor celebrity.

Okay, so the reason for this post is that on the way to the doctors, which is literally a 3 minute drive, I turned into a side street and there were loads of police, my first thought was some kind of crime scene, but then the road I usually park in was closed with no crime scene around. I parked in a car park of a supermarket just up the hill a little and then started legging it (in the pouring rain no less) back down the hill to the surgery.

Then the sound of bagpipes. Seriously.

There was a 200 piece pipe band coming from this wee resource centre and piping down the side street and off onto the main street. It was crazy. Pretty impressive, but yet completely not surprising. Things like that happen all the time in my head. Kilts, hats, pipes. It was awesome.

Then when I left the surgery they were close to getting back to their starting point and I was sitting in a queue of traffic waiting on the side street, so then our road got cleared to make space, so I never got to see them again properly.

It was pretty amazing though, I wish I had had my camera with video recording on it.... or an iPhone. Lame.

One day, when I do have an iPhone I bet nothing exciting will ever happen to me.


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