Thursday, 12 August 2010


Photo and update time. Oh yeah.

This is stretching far back.

Sometimes you have the blogging fever, sometimes you don't. I haven't had it all year, but i've been trying to combat that, with nothing but major fails.


Using some photographic awesomeness I will attempt to do a quick fill in.

I'm still working... wooooooo.

Zero is still alive, although I have been tempted to 'dispose' of her because she had a couple of weeks of being really clingy and affectionate and it drove me crazy. She even fish juiced all over me while I slept one early morning. It was so gross. All over me, my phone, and anything else lying around my pillow. That was a bad morning. I felt robbed of sleep.

Jon and I are still not together on a permanent basis, but we're working on that (and I am slowly going mad).

It was Zero's birthday and instead of making her cake I bought myself a tiny domino's pizza. Best pizza ever, especially with the garlic and herb crust dipping sauce. I'm so in love with that. It had the best ever topping on it as well, chicken, sweetcorn and pineapple. Nom nom nom.

So yeah, best Zero birthday ever. She's now five and should be going to school, but I'm just going to home school her because she is still having toilet issues and that's just mortifying :)

On an update on my last blog about the trainers, I went for...... drum roll.......

The white ones. They are amazing. THEY HAVE A STRAP. My mum asked me what the purpose of the strap was and I promptly told her it's there to be awesome. Which it does a very good job of being.

Awesome is its speciality.

It was Amelia's birthday as well (who is my cousin's small child) and she was one one one. ONE. So young. Kate and I had birthday breakfast on her behalf, and then went small child swimming, which was fun. I hadn't been swimming in ages. I mostly bobbed and splashed, and walked around in my flippers for the fun, and realised how fun flippers are when you're not training with them. I did swim a few lengths as well but I can't remember the stats.

I really do need to swim for real again.

The past two months have been crazy because my back has totally starting hurting, and getting worse, and now it's onto this weird nerve pain. It's not good. The doctor won't do anything either. It's so lame. And I shouldn't even start on the NHS. I think the NHS is fabulous, it's just horrific that the people who pay for it are the last to actually get any of the benefits from it, all the money is spent on caring for those who have self-inflicted their ills through alcohol abuse, drug abuse, smoking, etc. That drives me crazy.

Anyway. Happier things.

Work has been crazy the past few weeks, just loads and loads of people and really really long shifts.

I've actually almost been a year at apple. It will be a year come September 19th. I find that crazy. Seriously crazy. It is officially the longest I've ever had a job. Every other job has ended within 10 months.

So biggest news of the past month would be my sister's wedding. It happened last Friday, and I was the official photographer. It's something I would never EVER rush to do again. In fact, if I ever have to take a photograph again it will be too soon. I shot around 1000 images, and barely half were good enough to even consider being edited. It's kind of crazy. My finger was aching by the end of the night, and it was weird to try and be a guest as well as be a photographer, especially when most of the guests knew me as Lola's sister and had very little respect for the photographer part of me that day.

To help things swimmingly the day was miserable. The sky was grey, not even over cast and sunny behind it, grey, completely grey. It was also raining for a lot of it, but we did get a few photos outside.

To try to get the best of the sister and her weddingness I hired a lens, which was entirely the idea of Chris Daines, my photographic hero, he also picked the lens, and tried to give me as much tutorial on using my camera as possible. I've had my camera for four years. I should really know how to use it, but really I just push buttons, and turn wheels and hope it looks good.

There was so much pressure, and so many people around, it was so hard to try to think and to be creative on the spot with so many eyes watching. Wedding photographers are a breed unto themselves. I think I would make an excellent second shooter though, I have the 'sneaking up on people' ability.

I can't actually show any photos of the Bride herself because she's not even seen them and I think that would be totally unfair to her, but there are some of me and my beasting awesome tan courtesy of St Tropez. With a tan I actually felt warmer. It was weird.

I'm also Ceilidh dancing with my Donna best friend's husband. I danced that once and also a Gay Gordons. And the rest of the time I was photographing or talking to the skillso millso quickly.

At the end of the night I threw on my converse and hoody and helped tidy, and I looked like this:

I even made that frog face the whole time.... kidding.


I wish I could show you more pictures... sadly nooooo. Me will have to do.

How amazing is that beasting lens though. I think it's amazing, and one day I will buy one for real and it will be mine and I will call it beastin' lens.


So yeah... update state fate late mate.

There's tonnes of my family still around until tomorrow, and then they all officially will have left by next week, but it's kind of cool having people around. I likes it.

And today I went to the craft shop. That's always a riot. Ohhhh the riot. :)

I've been getting my crafting on and it's awesome. I keep finding new ideas online of things I love and that I NEED to have as part of my wedding. I fear that eventually it will be the biggest random miss match. But that's fine by me. I'm super excited. Fingers crossed for a 2010 wedding :):):)

Oh, and the dress I was wearing in those pictures was an option for a bridesmaid dress, but no one wanted it, so I thought, Well I want a new dress.... so I bought it. Pleased. It has bows, and I love it. It also had amazing shoulder pads, but I cut them out. Cut it out.

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Tari McDonald said...

I'm glad you got to have fun with your family and with taking pictures for your sister! We're keeping our fingers crossed for 2010, too!