Thursday, 4 September 2008

One. (Mary Vikkimas Steve.)

It is indeed Vikkimas Steve.

Two years ago I named this day then Steve Irwin died.

Sorry steve...

sorry whichever steve had to die today.

So, One - Swimming, sleeping, eating cheese, rolling stones.

Swimming is the highlight I suppose.

I came home so exercised and energised and happy.

I'm watching good will hunting just now, it's a strange one, but I appreciate some of the quotes about soul mates, and taking chances on people and love.

Let's push that to the side, get on about the stats and go to bed.

I have 8 minutes left of technically being 24... although if we are being mega technical I was born at 23:37pm.

There was an ad for iPhone 3G... that can only mean that not enough people are buying. Fact.

I heard that in Poland Apple had to pay people to pretend to queue up to buy one.



200m Front
200m Breast
200m Front Legs only with flippers (OH YES, FLIPPERS AMAZING)
100m Breast Legs only with flippers
100m Back Legs only with flippers
100m front legs flippers
100m breast legs flipper
100m butterfly legs flippers
100m back legs flippers
100m front crawl flippers and paddles
100m breast flippers and paddles
100m butterfly flippers and paddles
100m back flippers and paddles
200m front crawl paddles only
200m front crawl
100m swim down

2100m in about an hour and 7 minutes.

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