Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Two episodes of the wonder years.

I love the wonder years.

I wonder how many of my posts start that way. But it's true.

I watched two episodes this evening, while eating dinner, bleaching the mouser and plucking the eyebrows... all while wrapped in a blanket.

The first episode was all about the family dog. And it was so nice, it didn't make me love dogs more than cats or anything, but it made me appreciate dogs and pets in general. I liked that someone else understood and also had the same relationship with their pet.

Zero's a hell beast still.

There was a pure belter of a quote though, about when your babies turn from puppies into dogs that there will be hard times and good times and you have to love the hard times just as much as the love and the hugs and giggley times. MAN how can one show be so morally correct and have so many analogies.

The second episode was all about Kevin and Winney. Winney dumped Kevin and he was in denial, and then he was mean to her, then he apologised, because he didn't know what the future held for them, but for now they had to just be friends.


My hands are all shaky from playing violin. It's weird making the muscles change from one thing to another. From the fingerboard to the keyboard. Crazy.

I should be packing, or doing something. But I'm stalling.

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