Saturday, 27 September 2008

Sizzle Lizzle Citizzle.

There wasn't much time to discuss or mention this before I boosted. I found myself on an adventure out of the UK and I had six days to get my stuff in order and go.

I am now here, back in Salt Lake City. I swear I thought I wouldn't be back here for a very long time, but as fate, or rather divine intervention, would have it, I am back. For what purpose I know not, and as the story goes, I'm not going to try and work it out I just need to take it all for face value, play it all by ear and go with the flow. That's the Vikki philosophy. 'Go With The Flow.'

I've been here for 24 hours now, my bag for even less time, and I'm just so tired. Number 1 regret in life, allowing myself to get glandular fever.

Today was spent hanging about Maddie Miller's Mum's house in Bountiful, running random errands in Bountiful and Centreville, napping, going to Wal Mart in Centreville (which was strange, because the last time I was there it was under very different circumstances), bonding with the one cat in the house (there are seven dogs, and one cat), and watching Mock The Week on YouTube. Thank you people on YouTube that are so nice and diligent in adding programmes so quickly.

The travelling was alright. I thought I was going to die at passport control. It was so hot, the queue was so long, there was a Von Trap family of nine people in front of me, I was so scared, Maddie had taken both dogs through the US queue which had 0 people in it. I was actually thinking I was going to die. I kid you not.

I got through alright, and the man didn't really question anything. But as I walked away he called me back and my blood ran cold.

He then asked for my right index finger again, and then, in a curious voice, asked if I was Vikki Miller. When I said I was, he looked at me, then at his screen and then proceeded to say, Okay you're all set.

I seriously thought that something had come up on his screen, alarm bells flashing or something, red flags. I made it thought. Thank goodness.

Then we got to Salt Lake and I almost died from the heat. It's so hot. When I packed my bag it was cold outside and over cast in Glasgow. I forgot it would be A LOT warmer here. Nevermind. I'm moreso gutted that I didn't bring my lesbian sandals.

I'm stuck in a predicament though. Again with no transport I can't really go anywhere or do anything. I'm in Bountiful just now, but I was planning on shifting down to Taylorsville in a couple of days, back with Maggie and Dave. But really I would much rather just be back with Otto near the city centre. If only he had wireless it would be spiffy.

Ahhhh. I'm so undecided about everything and trying not to offend anyone.

I should probably try and sleep again or something. Or maybe do the work that needs done. I just feel so uninspired just now.

Oh I just have one more thing to comment. Aeroplanes are like miniature prisons. There are prime times to go to the toilet. If you're in a window seat you're screwed, because you have to wait for the other people to finish eating, drinking and using their tray tables. If you need to toilet while there is food and drinks being handed out or eaten then you will find yourself trapped in the aisle behind the carts or trapped in your seat by a barricade of badly designed tray tables, and semi-cooked food that only smells and is appealing because you are so hungry you are considering gnawing your way out of the temporary prison.

Anyway... i also think that families shouldn't be allowed to travel in 9s. That's taking the piss. NINE people in the queue in front, but because they are one family they only count as one? How does THAT make any sense whatsoever, it still takes the same amount of time.

But I honestly think that although it was torturous to be behind them that I was meant to be in that queue, because the guy was so laid back, he didn't ask when I was in the states last and when he asked how long I was staying and I just skirted around the issue he still let me in. What a breath of fresh air in comparison to Carlos or whatever that dude's name was. Thank you Wang. Yes, his name was Wang.

Time to do something else.

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