Monday, 19 January 2009

Christ... mas.... Mas... Christ

Right, so i've taken my sweet sweet time to blog about this. This is my first blog of the year and we're already 19 days in. I'm quite appalled at myself. But there is a shoddy explanation – I was internet deprived for my first 11 days of being here, and then from then on I just couldn't be bothered because there was too much to talk about. I'm feeling it today though, so this might get a little long. Or short... Maybe I'll do lots of short ones.


Christmas was super ace cool face and it involved el familia of the extended variety, something i've not seen or had since I looked like this.

sadly I took no pictures of el extended family... i'm a fool. I did however take these of the local family.

Pamer Pie and her wings... although she tells me she's not a pamer pie and she's a sweety pie (becaue Lola calls her sweety pie and I call her pamer pie... i don't think she knows what either one is, but I can imagine a pamer tasting savoury rather than sweet, so it just means that 1. she loves her mum and 2. she likes sweet things over savoury).

Lola herself with the sweety Pamer Pie.

My mum and my slug eating soup, with zero about to menace the world.

Zero herself.

And me... getting out of a box. Wicked. I am a cat, I do love boxes.

Over the christmas and new year period I took one picture that sums up everything, I found the scene outside the old parts of Gartnavel hospital, where I was because I wanted to photograph thing with Eilidh and her old friend Georgia (whom I have also known as long as I've known Eilidh). It was a pretty sweet day, and we won't rest until we have the pictures we desire.

This is the picture though, that I took that day, that i love beyond all reason. It's my desktop pattern just now too.

I went to midnight mass with eilidh and her mum too, and I swear the bishop looked at me weird when I went up to get a candle and not take the confirmation... I've never realised until now though, that everyone... EV ERY ONE drinks from the same cup... kind of grotty if you ask me... it's a playground for glandular fever... speaking of which, I need to go see Otto this week. Like today or tomorrow.

Okay, so post christmas involved saying my goodbyes to eilidh, which is always the saddest part about christmas, and then packing for America.

I left on Tuesday morning (the 30th) and there may or may not have been some upset stomaches and leaking eyes at the airport. It seems like I am destined to just be a vagabond forever.

Ahhh Glasgow Airport.

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