Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I died and went to hell at the happiest place on earth.

Quite literally.

I was on the Toad of Toad Hall/Mr Toad ride and on that ride we were driving on the correct side of the road, and we crashed into a train, and we died, and went to hell. but it was okay, because the end of hell was the exit and I was able to get out the car and go on with my life. Hooray.

Disneyland was amazing. Fact. Cynical miss miller was smitten by the wonderful wonderous world of Mickey Mouse and crew.

Let's start at the beginning.

Si si.

We left Salt Lake about 7am on Thursday and spent 11 hours driving to LA. 11 hours, that's how long it takes to fly from London to LA. Insane. Seriously. Jon and I were in the back and his friend Mitch was driving a truck that belonged to the girl he was with Kimberly, who were both in the front, because that's where you sit when you're driving. Fact.

On the way we stopped in Vegas for some in and out delight. yes I broke the vegetarian red meat thing... yes I ate burgers.

When we got there we hit up some downtown disney to eat – which is the closest I had been to disneyland before, back in 2006, with Kate and Andrew.

We also kicked about the shops down there and I took some awesweet pictures of the giant california sign which should be spelt Calivornia just so I get a letter. But no.

And of course there was customery trying on of hats. Which has turned into one of my favourite pictures.

The sad news is that it was raining the whole Friday it rained and rained. And We were soaked beyond all reason. Jon and I were both wearing Canvas shoes, his more canvas-y than mine, and I at least had a hood of some sorts. Just not the weather anyone was anticipating. All these wee people were running around in Paunchos. Red for Kids, Green for adults, Then there were disney branded ones. Crazy. It's not the first time it's rained I suppose. It just meant that all the outdoor rides were wet and sadly that the Alice in Wonderland ride was closed. LAME. But on one of the rides, I can't remember which this one, one of the mountain ones I think, another favourite picture of mine was taken.

And of course we had to visit the legendary castle, which I was upset to find out isn't THEEEE disney castle from the beginning of the movies. Sad. It is sleeping beauty's castle though, and we got to go inside and check out her story. She lives happily ever after, in case you were wondering.

When we first got to the park one of the first things we did, after getting our indiana jones on, was to hit up splash mountain. It was strange acid trip of small critters, animitronics and water. We got wet to add to the wetness. The second time we went on it, I came out drowned and looking like this. My eyeliner was even screwed up. Crazy.

Immediately after some wetness I hugged Pooh and it made it all better. He also dried me slightly.

best present of the year so far:

Can you feel my disney attitude? Can you? Well Can you? Huh? This was taken pretty much right after I had the time of my life on the Roger Rabbit Ride. Seriously. I love LOVE LOVE LOVE Roger Rabbit. It made my life so happy to live the movie and sit inside the cab. Amazing.

Just as we were leaving I spotted Mary Poppins and Bert and I just about died. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. It made me so happy. They were just so 'in character', I was jaw dropped and in awe. Seriously. I loved them. I wanted to get my picture taken with them so badly, and I waited, but Mary Poppins was so busy cuddling a little baby, then she stole this child and skipped off, while Bert tried to do Dick Van Dyke legs, badly I might add. I called her a cow, because she walked off without hugging me. She's my idol too. Gasp.

The princess castle at night... Amazing.

Over in the California Adventure Park there was an entire shop where you could build your own Mr Potato Head. Seriously. I think I successfully managed to make the ugliest one you've ever seen. No one could make one uglier. Fact.

This is one of my other favourite pictures. Same shop, but with Mike's eyes. EYE BALLS. Balls that are eyes. Amazing.

One of the nights when Jon and I were leaving the park a random cat ran past us, a gun metal grey cat, if you will. I had to photograph it because I do believe that it was the happiest cat on earth and that it is actually an escaped statue... like in Night in the Museum.

After a bit of Disney on the Saturday, we headed off to Huntington beach, where I stood in the Pacific Ocean. yes it was freezing, and pitch black.

We stopped to get petrol on the way home and Jon and I spotted this attractive tartan boxer clad man. He is the king. Just remember that.

And one of my last favourite pictures is this one

because of those glasses, Jon and I were made honourary citizens of Disneyland. I kid you not. I have a badge to prove it. A woman called Karen was giving us chat about some plane that some guy used to break the sound barrier and that the real one was just outside (it looks fake to me). Jon didn't and wouldn't believe her and was giving her the banter right back. And she kept asking if we were giving her trouble. And then she leaned down to grab something and I thought she was about to call Disney security and have us removed from the happiest place on earth, but instead she gave us each a badge, and told us that we were extra special and that we were now honourary citizen's of disneyland. I kid you not. That's me. Honourary.


I mean look at me

I am extra special.

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