Saturday, 31 January 2009

Cheshire Cats.

When we were in Disneyland last week Yonnyman himself was getting in about the Mickey Mouse Vinylmation Disneypark things... They are pretty awesome, however, they are the small ones with the random design inside. What's best about it is that the box I chose had strange type because the varnish had missed the box so it made the box look more textured. Anyway... it was the one Jon wanted inside.. yes I am the Queen.

So, I was looking on ebay to see how much such things are going for, to see if the nation is gripped with vinylmation and collectables.

During my search I came across something amazing.

Cheshire Cats.

Witness them all now, these are all the designs I could find online, AMAZING:


I also found this grafitti couple in salt lake that do pop art graf, I didn't have have time to look at all of their stuff, but this was one of the favourites that I found in my quick purusal.

Their stuff can be found here on ebay.

Actually there's 12

I just found another, which is possibly my favourite after the haunted mansion blue one. I love the black one as well that's like the invisible cheshire, and the original colours too... some of the other ones are just weird and creepy.

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