Monday, 19 January 2009

The sizzle to the lizzle.

So, since I became a master I've been in Utah four times.

I've spent close to 12k on flights.

I've lived in 4 different homes.

I've driven 4 different cars.

I've eaten in a million different restaurants.

I've made friends with hundreds of different people.

I've been to 5 different wards.

I've been in 3 different temples.

I've been outside 4 different temples.

I've been to 5 different cinemas.

I've been to one maze.

I've attended 5 different isntitute classes.

I've eaten in 2 different Dee's.

I've never been to St George (I did in 2006 with Kate, but I wasn't a master then).

I've swam in 3 different swimming pools.

I've walked, I've slid, I've run, I've fallen.

I've been on the back of one motorbike.

I've been to 2 thanksgivings.

I've bought countless items from Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and Nordstroms.

I've bought a tonne of books from the desseret books and borders.

I've posted 5 things.

I've recieved mail to 4 different addresses.

I've been trax over 30 times.

I've been on 7 first dates.

I've triple dated.

I've double dated.

I've single dated.

I've been to the movies on my own.

I've been to a piano bar.

I've played crazy golf... it was crazy.

I've watched countless hours of TV.

I've met 8 homeless/non-homeless people on trax.

I've written a tonne of angsty blogs.

I've eaten shortbread with a German man.

I've petted three cats.

and I've bought one Skunk Lamp.

It's the best thing in the world.

Happy New year and stuff.

I was back in Salt Lake for it. I have no pictures, there was no event... it was just me and J-Mc kicking it in his apartment.

I've not been up to much that past few weeks.

Eating, living, breathing, designing, talking, cuddling, churching, watching, and Sundance.

My sundance cherry was officially popped on Saturday morning when I watched a movie with Rory and Keiran Culkin. It was alright, it was interesting, it was very Art.

Friday night was awesome though... Marcus and I did some special 'shopping' and then we went to the chocolate shop in the avenues and ate too much chocolate and drank too much chocolate. Then we actually saw the midget owners coming out of their house that is to the back of the shop. It was like watching Charlie and the Chocolate factory or something.

I've been trying to convince Jon to go to Midget town with me since we found out the real location, perhaps soon. :)

Friday also invovled that awesome jenny powell and our three attempts to find the chip shop in Layton. I was car sick by the end of it, and the place was closed. And we ended up eating at Red Robin.

Anyway, good chat, good banter, lots of scottish connections... and so life continues.

I'm so hungry right now, I think I need to need to go eat something. Si si.

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