Thursday, 15 April 2010

Scew Up

Gosh, I'm actually the world's number 1 screw up.

In some kind of weird sordid twist of fate the Urban Outfitters order has managed to get shipped to the Nazi landlord's address in Salt Lake City.

I swear I changed the address, I KNOW I did because it's saved in my account under addresses, somwhere though, along the purchasing line, it reselected my default address, and off it goes. I think i've pissed off the 11's.

That's the address that I lived at that was 1111E 100S I loved that flat.

Anyway... there's no way I'm going to get it ever now. What a freakin' waste of money. Unless Otto my awesome Nazi keeps it for me for months, or he sends it back. I have no idea. Urban Outfitters told me to track it and then hope it gets returned, or it's my responsibility to go get it. Nice.. the $1000 cardigan... that's how much it costs to go pick it up. Bah.


Nothing can ever be simple.

I just did that thing where i check my bank balance and now I'm depressed enough that I think I might go to bed and wish that a month would pass and I wouldn't notice. Sometimes I fantasise at the thought of slipping into a coma and waking up on wedding day in the US with everything done. I'm sick of waiting, and I am so fed up with interest rates on credit cards. Scum of the earth.

I'm not sick of Zero though, she annoys me, but I don't hate her, she's sitting beside me looking like an ocean liner. I love when she sits like that... boat cat.

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