Friday, 3 October 2008

If You Ever Need A Stranger.

Yes, it's Jens Lekman time again.

I was up until 6am last night Utah time banging out some work for the folks back home so they could have it for Friday their time.

I also feel like I should give some kind of update. I don't know if I've had an original thought in the past week.

Although The Yogi Tea gave me a nice thought. Last night, on my chamomile it told me to:

Recognise that you are the truth.

Or me. not you. I am the truth.

Thanks to tiny icksen, WHO IS NOT DEAD. (that's my muppets christmas carol quote of the day.)

I now have a set of wheels. Which I've been able to use to go temple-ing, to institute, to get tea and hopefully today to get a violin from somewhere. I'm going crazy without the musical distraction and my calluses are disintigrating. Sad.

I realised the other day that by the time I leave I will have spent a 1/3 of the past 12 months in Utah. That's a bit crazy, and it's therefore understandable that when I pitched up in a cultural hall at church on Sunday Rob D didn't even bat an eyelid at the fact that I was back. Crazy.

I should go visit Otto, as well as Maggie and Dave. I'm still torn on that issue.

I'm also so tired. I'm still in need of 9 hours sleep, which was only 6 hours last night. I'm going to try to stay awake and busy though. Perhaps some outdoor swimming? Up for that :):):) With sunscreen of course.

I think I'm just rambling now, hoping for some kind of interesting story to manifest.

Pumpkins are only 15p. I was surprised.

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