Sunday, 5 October 2008

I feel a blog coming on...

... I'm working, but I feel a blog coming on.

For starters we need to give the stats for this. I've been swimming twice since i got here, the first time was last saturday in Bountiful in a 25 yard pool, I think I swam about 2000 yard. I can't remember.

But since being afforded the blessing that is Icksen's car I have been able to go swimming up at the steiner centre where I got sunburnt in May. Big it up.

It's mega.

The day wasn't too warm, the sky over cast, the air tolerable. But I decided to risk the outdoor 50m pool. It was amazing. It didn't beat the swim of my life back in May, but that's because when you do something for the first time it's always the best experience.

The stats look like this:

200m Front Crawl
200m Breast Stroke
200m Back stroke
200m Front Crawl Legs only with flippers
100m Back stroke legs only with flippers
100m breast stroke legs only

1000m Front crawl Flippers and Paddles (in 20 minutes)

200m front crawl paddles arms only
200m back stroke paddles arms only
100m breast stroke paddles arms only

100m one armed butterfly with paddles

100 swim down

So, yeah, good swim all in all, I did it all in about 80 minutes. Then I stared to wrinkle. At one point the sun started to think about coming out from behind its grey hiding place, and I prayed so hard that it wouldn't come out and burn me again. It stayed away, then it got really cold.

That was Friday, I also bought a violin on Friday.

I went to rent one from an awesome shop but the guy was scared that I would run off with it, and so he cut me a deal that I would pay for the whole thing and then return it. And when i returned it he would just charge me for the month's rent. Crazy. I've not had the chance to play it yet because it seems a bit rude to bust something that noisy out in someone elses house.

I have every intention of taking it up the mountains and playing it.

Although, that might not be the best idea any more because today after conference the borrowed car wouldn't start. I had to get a jump off a nice man who was my 'angel' for the day. I love mormons.

Conference might have been one of the best experiences of my life. I loved it so much, and it was so overwhelming to sing with so many people. I went to the lion house between sessions... oh how I miss Toni.

At the first session they announced the new plans for a temple in Rome. Well, I was sitting next to some French girls and when it was announced they, me and the majority of the room (which would be a lot of european tourists) all gasped with joy. It was actually amazing. For some reason, thinking about the Rome temple makes me teary eyed as well. Oh Europe, how you deserve more temples. It's just nice to see the reality that the church does care about the rest of the world, because sometimes it just seems so dire.

The second session I was sitting next to a Japanese girl and an Austrialian woman, but it was totally hard to hear the speakers, there's always coughing or fidgetting, or whispering or the dull murmur of headsets sitting on the ears of foregin language speakers.

yeah, so one of the talks was about angels walking among us, and angels appearing to us etc etc. But I liked the fact that he mentioned real people, with the light of Christ actually being Angels. Like my saving man that helped me jump start the car.

Also, note to self.. don't go snooping, you might find things that just raise questions.

I got really wet hanging about after conference, there was just such a nice atmosphere, because there was a counter protest of young men singing hymns. This was my first brush with anti-mormons. I really don't get how anyone can profess to be christian and still attempt to upset other people. Really, who would go to that much trouble. It was the protesters children I felt sorry for. A little boy standing next to a man in a devil's mask shouting things he doesn't even understand. Why? To make his father proud. That's not a good upbringing or a fair thing to do to a child. Yes I am being judgemental, but I think it's fair. Although, I would take my kids to an anti-war demonstration, but that's different because it's not directly offending any one group of people.

I love mormons and I can't wait for tomorrow's sessions. Here's hoping I make it on time :)

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