Tuesday, 7 October 2008

I KNOW that you would love me if...

... I owned these shoes.

that is why I must go on a hunt to find them.

Hunt for the red october.

Or rather, hunt for the multi-coloured DC october.

Tell me this you me though... I can't remember what I was going to say. I've decided my violin is called Charlie.. pictures to follow. I sat on an M&M... pictures to follow. I went to general conference and was looking for famous people again... pictures to follow.

Last night was heroes night with marcus and josie. so good. SO GOOD I tell thee. It was also work day, Sunday was all about conference, James Bond (Sean Connery style) and Southpark. Today is all about getting the vegan sandwich from Addicted Cafe, finding a cadbury flake and hopefully playing Charlie with Pedro before I meet marcus and go to institute.

ALSO.. oh my gosh. I've had this random blackhead on the right of my face for months now. I can't remember when it first appeared but I stopped attacking it because last May I tried to get it and ended up with a massive cut on my face rather than no blackhead, and all it did was Highlight the black head guy. So in the past week it grew a friend next to and some symmetrical guys on the left side. So last night I said enough is enough, got the three new friends out and I was about to leave the original, but I decided to give it a try. After about 10 minutes he finally vacated my face, and did he owe me rent? Oh yes he did. But that blackhead has been evicted from the Vikki Miller face house. He was quite solid, and shaped like a triangular prism. He was sturdy :) Let's remember his best moments to the song Back in Black.

Or not... we could just give him the tongs and tell him to Get The Fruit :)

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