Saturday, 25 October 2008

Power-Walking in my Black and White shoes vs. the Rice Game.

Yeah, the title is weak, it sounds amusing though.

I'm not sure what to update, other than today a year ago from today was my first whole day in Salt Lake City when I moved here on a bit of a whim last year. I was with Otto, we were having a whale of a time. Life was spiffy. Then Antoinette came and life was awesome, then I met B-boy, and then I went home, and life took a turn down the winding stairs of some ancient tower in scotland that has a lot of stairs that are winding in a tower like turret frame.

Anyway. Let's not dwell... not today, not on Rex Manning day. I really want to watch empire records. I'm sad I never brought it with me.

So, I should have been home today/yesterday. I did not, however, get on the plane. I've extended my ticket for another three weeks. I think three because my acid pills run out in four weeks. Eep. My immune system herbal stuff runs out pretty soon, so I need to get on the dective route and see if I can find some more astragulus. Rumour has it though that herbal remedies are banned from existence because of the insurance companies or something like that. The same reason there's no public transport.

Okay, so I'm not going to type too much, because we all know me and I could Prattle for the earth in the multi-galaxy talking olympics. But only if i have a babel fish in my ear.

I will however provide you with some audio/visual and static/visual delights.

Delictible, delightful, devilishly awesome.

This 'ere first video is of the snow that occured on the 10th/11th of October. It brought the internet down too. Crazy.

I also have some pictures of it the night before. It was a typical british snow storm, then I woke up the next morning to the video. Crazy dot com. It was a good day at church none the less. I got to wear my tank girl boots and I hung about with clayton and we ate soup and I met a girl called Becca Bierwolf, i kid you not. I thought it was beuowulf like the random movie, although close enough to still be cool.

The following week was all about Heroes night, watching the love guru (thank you mike myers), templing it up, Oh swimming too I just never gave the stats, seeing April Bladh and going to the duelling piano bar... Mega. Urban Outfitters with Marcus where I got this amazing T-shirt:

Then we went to eat curry in bountiful, it was strange being served by people who were native english speakers. odd odd odd. At least there were Indian people in the kitchen cooking the indian food. I <3 british indian food.

Only in America though would you be offered free rice refills. Seriously. Refill on the rice?

How about let's eat this one first.

So, remember that game you would play when you were small with the sticks. You would drop a pile of sticks and you would take it in turns to remove one without another stick moving. Once a stick moved or fell it would be another person's turn.

Mar-ti-cus and I played it with the rice. This was the result.

We got shooooed out of there quickly too.

No way does it rival the curry mile in Manch.

On our way out to the car we spotted this delightful bench... pictures had to be taken.

We got in the car and decided to go to the video shop and get a video-ness. Excellent. On the way though we drove past two amazing power walkers. We U-turned and went back to see them... Marcus filmed them on my camera, and subtley as we drove past he kept facing forward but held the camera out the window to follow them even more. Because they would never notice that... no never. High five for subtlety.

We were going the wrong way, so U-turned again and went back to see them one more time and they looked right at me, they knew what we were up to. That's the second video of the two haha.

We watched Curse of the golden flower. Epic. The last time i saw that it was with becca and she wasn't even dating gareth, now they are married. We also drank some squirt. Go on Marticus say it one more time.

Saturday was joyous. It was all about getting cheap Levis in Park City and seeing the mountain goats. I totally felt bad that marcus and maddy didn't like them much, I totally love the goats. He only played two songs that I knew though both in the encore. The first was dance music, one of my all time favourites, and the second which made me laugh A LOT was the best ever death metal band out of denton. I was the only one that got it right away. He was saying 'now when it comes to your part I hope you will sing what you've got to sing.' I knew what it was in an instant, and with the first chord. Amazing.

He made me laugh. It's actually my favourite song. I never recorded it, this was another version in another land.

I'm also convinced that the singer dude is a little bit autistic or something.

Sunday I went to see Krystyl's family and pick up some stuff to take back. They fed me cookies, it was amazing. On the drive back I found this street sign.

And that pretty much brings us to this week. Oh last week I went to see Maggie and Dave my republicans. They are so fired up for the election. Talking about all the t-shirts they could sell that say that Obama is an ass. Hmmm. And they were sitting with a sarah palin and I've forgotten the other dude's name knife. A knife with them on the handle crazy. we caught up though, they fed me, and we watched night in the museum in high definition because it was on :)

This week was all about the institute again, and watching anime with marcus. I love Studio Ghibli. It makes me so happy. Christian Bale is the voice of howl. Now I have even more reason to want to be in love wit howl.

I also avoided swimming for a few days, finally went yesterday, but on Tuesday when I tried to go I ended up going to the vintage shop instead. Amazing. And I got the most amazing dress and shoes. The dress, I actually said to the guy, I would be stupid not to buy this. let me go grab the awesome shoes and off I went.

These are the shoes, if anything i bought them for the heel. I am still in desperate need and want for the shoes from the regina spektor video Fidelity, in the first opening seconds.

I attempted to play violin at the institute last night but one chapel was taken and the other was locked, so I went home, but on the way walked past this bike:

I really do have a thing for black and white.

On my way home I got cookies and went to marcus' and watched howl's moving castle. Amazing.

And these are just two random pictures i had kicking about, one is of some sunset somewhere, not sure when I took it, and the other is of hills I saw on the way back from Lindon after hanging out with Lucy all day. I thought they looked like potatoes. Sorry B-boy for taking pictures while driving in your car.

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