Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Best Piece of Design Advice.

OKay, so I just found this site

which in turn linked me to this site

which in turn linked me to his ethos page

which in turn lead me to add it to my RSS feeds on mac mail.

Which in turn lead me to read the last ten most recent posts.

The last one said:

There are no secrets or shortcuts. Just work hard.

Which in turn made me feel motivated and empowered.

Seriously. I need to stop being a career failure and just get on with it. I might have to redesign my site first off :)

Well first off I need to do the work that I have waiting to be done.

And I need to get out of debt. I just attempted to apply for two credit cards with 15 months 0% on balance transfers. Sadly I got rejected for both. I think it's because i'm self-employed. B'tards.

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