Sunday, 29 March 2009

Saturday Stats.

I went swimming on Saturday morning. Worst Idea ever.

Seriously. Remind me to never go swimming on a saturday again... all that happens is that you spend your time avoiding kids, swimming around women that make a 3 person gurth of breast stroke and talking, and racing the dad's of the children that you are also avoiding and hoping will beat it when the wave machine comes on in the other pool.

One of the biggest faults of the Playdrome (my local pool) is that they never have a lane for real swimmers – I suppose they never have enough real swimmers. The worst thing about that pool is the elastoplasts, skin flakes, and dust in it. It's vile. If you open your eyes and look under the water it's disgusting. I kid you not. Filthiest pool ever. It makes me feel sick.

So here are my incomplete stats for saturday:

200m FC
200m Breast
200m FC legs
200m Butterfly legs
200m breaststroke legs

25m butterfly
25m FC
25m breaststoke
25m FC25m butterfly
25m FC
25m breaststoke
25m FC
300m fc paddles and flippers
50m FC
50m swim down

Total:1600m Time:45 minutes.

It was lame.

After that I came home, got ready, spoke to toni, we went to town on the train and we did that waving at the station, I'm in this carriage, run thing. It was funny.

And then we wandered about, went to see what was on at the pictures... nothing.

Then decided to go to Alien Wars... but the queue was too long.

Then went to starbucks and sat for a few hours.

Then we went home and she went to dinner and I came back and did my thing then decided to go to bed at 10:30 because it was the new 11:30 and I called Jon until 12:30 which was the new 1:30. Then I slept.

The end.

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