Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Toothbrush thoughts.

So, the other day when I was packing up to come home I realised that toothbruses in toothbrush holders, or just in the bathroom next to the sink, in general is a really big indicator about who's in the house and who's not.

When I was at uni I would have a toothbrush at home and at uni, a kind of signifier that I either forgot my toothbrush a lot and needed two, or that I was always in both places and never settled anywhere.

I then started thinking about how many toothbrushes i've had in life. Pure mega millions. They would have started as child/baby toothbrushes, and then changed over the year. Even the design of toothbrushes will have changed. The colours will have been altered, the features and even the electronics.

My toothbrush currently sits with my mother's and my brother's. In the future it could sit with one other person's and as time goes by baby/child toothbrushes will be added, because my toothbrush is now an adult one, and it will stay an adult one regardless of how often i change it (every six months – dental hygene is not something to be sniffed at).

But if you think about families, and holidays, and business trips. Sometimes the daddy toothbrush will be gone, sometimes the mummy toothbrush, sometimes the kid toothbrushes will stay with their friends. Sometimes they will all go in a bag and everyone will go on holiday.

I do believe that the toothbrush holder in any house hold will give you a good indication of who's in, who's out, and who's where.

These are my toothbrush thoughts for today.

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