Saturday, 14 November 2009

How Not To Spend Money.

The other day I was talking to a guy in work about iTunes and we somehow got on to the topic of the American iTunes store and I mentioned that I had a $30 voucher that I had never been able to use because I didn't have an American bank card.

He told me that with an iTunes voucher you can set up an American iTunes account by clicking the right places.

Surprise surprise I went home, clicked the right buttons and I now have $30 to spend at my leisure on iTunes.

Now, a bit of history. I've had that voucher for 21 months. I was actually scared that it had expired or something dreadful like that. To have it finally activated and not have to use someone else's account and to have the freedom to spend and download straight on to my own computer without transferring stuff feels wonderful. I'm debating over a big spend or lots of little spends. A big spend would be a whole series of a TV show like Buffy, The OC, or Dead Like Me. Lots of little spends would be albums I've been wanting for ages, or a movie here or there. I don't know what to do. It's too exciting. I keep spending it with my eyes but not going through with it. 21 months is a long time to wait to spend something, so the credit has to be spent with finesse and beauty. Almost like a whisky that has been left to distil for 15+ years. It has to breathe, it has to be enjoyed, it has to be relished. Every cent that I spend of that $30 has to be appreciated.

A little bit of further history.

The $30 gift voucher is actually a proper gift, it was given to me as a valentine's day present on February 14th 2008. It is, actually, the only valentine's day gift I've ever been given. Awwwwww... cue the tiny violin. Well I think I might have received cards before but in high school from one of my female friends as a joke. Actually that's also quite sad. It's a lame day anyway.

I'm actually so pleased that I get to spend it now, it's been burning a hole in my email inbox for too long.

In other random news I hate that Fox chick, i've forgotten her first name. MEGAN. Megan Fox. I hate Megan Fox. After work I called Claire to see if she was in town and she was just heading in, so I browsed some shops and tortured myself over my jacket again in Urban Outfitters. I went to American apparel and smelled the smell of Helvetica, and I went to Frasers and ended up in the bridal section looking at huge meringue dresses with sparkles and princess looks. I left with a smile. I like sparkley things. And it was a totally laid back department. I've actually not been in one bridal shop since I got engaged so it was pretty cool to just immerse myself in materialism and crazy girlishness for just a second. Nothing in that place was me, nor would I wear it in real life, but it was pretty to look at and ooooo over.

I met Claire and we continued mini non buying shopping time and then took up some seats in Borders Starbucks (sorry Toni) and then we ended up in the Cinema. We also went to the new H&M in the Buchanan Galleries bringing the H&M count to Three stores in the one shopping centre. That's messed up. haha. Yeah, so outside the new H&M was a queue of people waiting for the launch of the Jimmy Choo H&M range. Dedicated or what.

The cinematic choice was ruled by time and trains and Claire and I ended up seeing Jennifer's body. It was far from my choice, but it was okay, I hate Megan Fox and everything she stands for, and the movie was just a bit weird. It was almost like a parody horror like the Evil Dead but it wasn't. It was actually funny, a little scary, and almost definitely irrelevant.

On my way home on the train I was thinking about a lot of stuff, like swimming, and design work and what not... I was also scripture reading, and I started thinking wouldn't it be crazy if I was to look up and see I was in my station but about to leave the station and I would have to do a train dive and maybe my bag would get stuck in the door and I would have to leave it behind, or what if my shoe got caught and I had to wriggle out of it or die, or even my jacket. Then I started looking at the pages of the Book of Mormon and wondering if there was more I could do to incorporate the style of scriptures into the design of the Mormons Photography Book I've been doing for Mark. I then looked up and realised I was in my station, and I actually did have to do a train dive. It was flippin scary. On the way I dropped old tickets from the back of my Book of Mormon which were my book mark and I stopped to get them thinking they were important. It was a close one, but I made it off the train.

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