Monday, 9 November 2009

A Strange Twist of Fate

Last Thursday I started flicking through the yellow pages because they were sitting on my bedroom floor after using the pages as packaging in a box to protect Eilidh's iPod.

I decided to look up garages that weld and I found one in Anniesland, called them and wondered if it was per chance the very same garage that Wee John, whom I met on the train two years before, worked at.

The Story of meeting Wee John.

Anyway, in some kind of strange twist of fate I have now left my car, indefinitely with Big and Wee John. Wee John didn't remember me. The blokes all seemed relatively lovely and in actual fact Missy will be back with me and in working order sooner rather than later. I'm excited to go swimming again, and to hang out with friends, and to go to the cinema late at night, and to spend Christmas and New Year with Eilidh with the car she helped me find, and I'm also pleased that Jon will most likely get to meet the wonderful little beast that is Missy.

Yayy all around.

So, if you live in Glasgow, I 100% recommend the wee garage off Crow Road in Anniesland, above Morrisons. Best garage I've been to to date. Seriously.

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