Friday, 27 November 2009

My twilight defence

Right this is breaking my blog post fast.

I wasn't not posting... I was just not posting because I was too consumed doing other things.

I've been on holiday this week because I had to ask for the week off a month ago, and it was the last week that anyone could ask for holidays before the end of January. So I've been using the time to properly plan and prepare wedding, marriage and immigration stuff. Which has mostly just consisted of me kicking about in my 'in door clothes' with no make up on and cleaning things and throwing stuff out. I made a lot of progress on Monday but I've significantly got worse and more lazy since then.

yesterday though I took some time to go to the cinema with Claire... and of course we went to see Twilight: New Moon.

So, I have no idea why there are so many people opposed and total haters towards the movie and book series. Like really, everyone has an opinion... at least that's how my facebook status updates look just now. Everyone seems to have a hate or love opinion. It's actually starting to drive me insane. I don't mind twilight. Yes I read the books. It meant I actually read something. It's kind of like Harry Potter, I remember Adam Lang saying to me once that he thought Rowling should be given a massive award not for writing good literature (because in his opinion she didn't) but for encouraging children and people to read again. That's the same way I feel about Meyer. She has people reading. And so what if it's trashy, un-realistic, girl/teen fantasy stuff. Most stories and movies out there are utterly terrible, absolutely terrible. Take for example Transformers 2 and Jennifer's body (to name two that I hate). Those movies are total trash. Not to mention any other action movie that's come into existence, or those terrible disaster movies. Those are all trash in my opinion... un-realistic, rely on special effects, have no valid story line and either contain dodgey sex or nude scenes just for ratings. Like SERIOUSLY!

In the first Twilight the Blonde Rosalie chicka said the Oh My G, and that was it... that was all that could be deemed bad influence. The second movie was directed by someone who wasn't a desperate housewife (I watched the special features of the first Twilight movie and the director was a total weird perv... seriously), so it had a bit more conversation, storyline and build to it. There was no swearing, no over the top passion scenes... it was the kind of thing you wouldn't mind your kids watching... or yourself. Seriously. I don't want to defend the movie or the books because then it makes me look like a die hard fan, which I'm not, but they're entertaining, and enjoyable... and the books distracted me through a difficult summer (2008) that without which I might have gone insane. It was nice to worry about some one else's life and be involved with other people, in another place and land... even if it was poorly written.

And I just need to add that Miss Stephanie must have prayed a shed load. Seriously. Imagine, if you wrote a book, you'd want it to be successful. Well her prayer was answered. She must have paid her tithing too, that sneaky mormon lady. :)

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