Friday, 5 March 2010

Sticking Up for Scotland

I actually forgot to mention that I got e-annoyed again. Some random on MySpace, yeah I know Myspace got all up in my Scottish and irritated me slightly... Read for yourself:


22/02/2010 12:55
To: grrr arg (

hey you're a mormon in england, that's cool.

Notice mistake number one... ENGLAND?

grrr a…

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23/02/2010 05:22
To: mahatbilerat

Well almost. I'm a mormon in Scotland. Scotland and England are two very very different places, although they are joined. Wales, Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland are all separate countries and none of them appreciates being called the other. Collectively we are referred to as the United Kingdom of Great Britain, so if you want you can call me British, but never ever call me English.

Okay thanks bye


23/02/2010 23:50
To: grrr arg (

well, the english government runs your country, which would thusly make you english... follow?


23/02/2010 23:51
To: grrr arg (

that is like saying native americans aren't american

Notice mistake number 2... no apology and ignorantly attempting to justify the point.

I read a blog the other day by my friend April's husband Daren: About Ignorance

I responded to this child with this:

grrr a…

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25/02/2010 14:28
To: mahatbilerat

Get your facts straight.

Scotland has it's own government.

The BRITISH government is based in England and does rulings that effect Britain, and they also do rulings that effect England. Not all laws passed in Westminster are applied to Scotland.

Scotland has it's own laws and legal system, and it's own recognised sporting teams.

Tell me, if Scotland was not a country why would Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales all compete in the World Cup for Football (soccer) and not under the collective country Great Britain.

You're stepping on thin ice with this one, and your analogy of Native Americans is just weak and poor. If you want to insult a county that is thousands of years old do some historic research first.

If this was anything like the Native Americans then Scottish people would have lived in England. That has never happened. Scotland has been a country for a very very long time and the border between Scotland and England has been established a lot longer than large colonies of British people (The Scottish, English, Irish and Welsh) got on a boat and founded your country to what it is now.

So if you have something pleasant, non-confrontational or actually Christian and nice to say why don't you say it. If you don't please don't email me again.


I'd also like to say that at no point did I go looking for this person, I'm not using MySpace to meet people, it came out of the blue, entirely, and I should have ignored it from the start. Nor did I ever click through and look at this person, he could actually be some 12 year old, I've no idea.

I liked sticking up for Scotland though. When someone calls me English I have to say something, that's why I couldn't just ignore it.

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