Friday, 20 February 2009

Adbusters Excitement/One Flag.

So, I entered the adbusters One Flag competition back in December/end of november. I had the idea for my flag weeks before, months before. I drew it the night before, on one of my last nights with the boy before heading home at christmas time.

I used all pencils and paper from his studio too. I am a moucher.


I got an email at the beginning of january asking for a better quality picture of my flag.

I got my Mother to scan it and I edited the fold marks. Oddly enough I considered throwing it out weeks before that email came. I'm glad I kept it.

It is now in the newest issue of adbusters. I have a whole page to myself, and my flag, and my entry has been narrowed down to the top 30 or something, from over a thousand entries. The final vote is up to the public and their voting.

So if you like my flag idea then please vote for it.

I like it. I like the concept more than the rubbish excuse attached to it... i've always said that my degree was in Bull****ing.

Vote vote vote.

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