Thursday, 26 February 2009

Things that make me happy (february 2009 edition)

- Lucky Charms

- Bleary

- Reading the BBC news

- Limonata (San Pellegrino lemon water)

- Jon

- Yogi teas with their daily uplifting messages

- Institute with Douglas Mortensen

- My Golden (f)Uggs

- My new boy plaid trousers from Urban Outfitters

- Urban Outfitters

- Photography

- Seinfeld

- Hugs and cuddles

- distant memories of Zero

- interwebcommunications with family and friends

- ice skating

- bowling

- this photograph:

- green and blacks with toffee (I ate 90% of it in 11 minutes)

- watching people on the trax

- the feeling I get when I remember i'm not from Salt Lake City

- MGMT, M.I.A, Lilly Allen

- Playing rockband drums

- remembering i'm awesome and that I am still going to take over the world.

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