Saturday, 15 November 2008

Between Angels and Insects; or, I'm not going to Italy.


I'm listening to iTunes on random... and Papa Roach, between angels and insects just came on... this reminds me of 2000 haha. Amazing. I'm cracking up. They thought they were so bad ass with their angels and insects name, their spikey hair, and their crazy screamy hardcore everything-sucks life-is-evil lyrics. haha. 

Also, on that note... I forgot to mention yesterday that I officially fail at life.

I got this email yesterday:

Dear Vikki, 

thank you for your application to participate in Fabrica. We receive a multitude of applications from highly qualified candidates such as yourself. 

Upon careful consideration of your application as well as the current requirements of the Visual Communication Department at Fabrica, we are not in a position to extend an invitation to you at this time. 

We thank you a lot for the interest you have shown towards Fabrica and we wish you all the best for your future achievements. 

Serena Cortella 

(Warning immaturity level reaching 100%.)


Well I didn't want to go to Italy anyway... screw you guys and you're stupid italian reserch centre, and you're stupid pasta, and you're stupid perfect 12 months of life, and you're stupid stupidness. And especially screw Oliverio Toscani and Luciano Benneton, i never liked you guys anyway, all that stuff I wrote about in essays when I was 16 and my dissertation when I was 21 and my masters degree when I was 23... it was all lies. I hate you all and think you all suck, and there's nothing cool about your work in the slightest, and your angle and photography and thoughts and opinions and want to change the world is all stupid too. It's not like I want to do the same thing, I hate the environment and people and society and culture. I was just lying. it was all a joke. haha. I hate you all.. and as I said at the start I never wanted to go to Fabrica anyway... becuse you all smell like the medeterianian sea. Forks. 


Stupid faces.

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