Thursday, 13 November 2008

I still love Old School Biffy.

Mon eh Biffy.

I admit i've never listened to anything they've made after Infinity Land.

But I still love their old stuff.

I'm going to see what's on youtube to whet your biffy apetite.

Reminds me of the QMU with Eilidh face.

Lyrically one of my favourites.

Just Boy
Lyrically amazing, and my iPod was called 'Light will break and bring a brigh sky for a long time.

Joy. Discovery. Invention.
The first biffy song I heard, given to me by Kris Keiller (or Kurt Cobain Kris as we all called him)

Bodies in Flight
My most listened to, according to iTunes.

I mean, I once saw biffy five times in 12 months. That's once every two months. I used to love them. But I am a music snob it seems. Or not. Just, taste changes sometimes, and I now love a bit of the bass more. The Blow, Jens Lekman, Caribou and Cocorosie. More collaborations of different instruments than the traditional three piece. But then I love Bleary. So I don't know what happened to the Biffy. Sorry guys. I saw they played Salt Lake last year as a support band, I was proud of them. I wonder how they were received. :)

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