Monday, 3 November 2008

uniteresting title

when did I last update?

I have no idea.

Okay, so Hallowe'en came and went.

I should just really copy and paste some emails I sent last week because that would actually explain parts of my week better.

Or not.

Swimming stats on Thursday.

were like a lot... in a short space of time. I don't remember.

But that night I went to see girl talk with Maddy. It was AMAZING. I'd never heard of him before but he was like DJ Yoda but a million times better. Album downloadable from his myspazz.

So good though. So good.

I also started writing my novel on saturday after being at lagoon with Pedro, sam and Sean. Mega.

but yeah, part of a site called nanowrimo is about writing a novel for the whole month of november. Bring it on. I'm 4000 words in :) I should write tonight before going to metallica. Yes, I am going to Metallica... suck on that :)

Hallowe'en was ace. I went with Rob D and his homies to a party in Provo to see Phil play drums in his new band. So good. Such a good sound. It was a total hipster party, so I felt completely awkward, but it was awesome though.

And it turned out that the girl who owned the house was Charla's friend Nikki that I met in California in San Diego two years ago. AMAZING.

Saturday was all about Lagoon and being tired.

Sunday was all about church and then firesides, and then watching lock stock and two smoking barrels at Rob's house with all their amazing friends.

And then I nipped over to Sean and Pedro's and watched a george lopez comedy session on Youtube. Mega.

And that pretty much brings us up to date.

I also bore my testimony at the awesome 40th ward. It's just easier to do there because people understand to the T what I'm going through and what experiences i've had because we're all in the same stage of life. :)

Anyway, it was a good Sunday.

And this was a lame update. but an update none-the-less.

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