Friday, 21 November 2008

What Ever Happened to the Stereophonics.

I'm not crying over this. I hate them. They had two good songs, the bartender and the thief and the one about the trees and the matches.

I think they are terrible, and i'm pretty sure the lead singer had a girl's name like Kelly or something... I also think he needed his eyebrows plucked just like Sandy Cohen and the bloke they got to play Edward in the new twilight movie. He's ugly by the way. I could think of a thousand prettier men that could play that part... and a thousand other guys that actually look like the character description in the book.

Anyway... that's not why we are here. I was just writing some o fmy novel... I want to get over 30000 words before I sleep properly tonight, but I just reminded myself of the stereophonics cover:

That's me. The woman. Pretty much. In my life.. that's what I always seem to do. PAH HA. Guys bore me. It seems.

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