Friday, 21 November 2008

Fools Rush In.

Sofia copolla is possibly one of the greatest directors. I love her movies.

Anyway, I love the soundtracks from her movies as well.

And while I was driving back from target tonight I was listening to my iPod on random. Wonderful. I love listneing to it on shuffle you can go from the MoTab Be Still My Soul to a Flight of the Conchords song to Heavy Angry Metal (Otep and Kittie) to Jens Lekman and even the Marie Antoinette soundtrack.

I also beleive that I am in a small minority of people that can spell Antoinette without even thinking about it. No thought. Antoinette. Antoinette. It would be insulting to Toni if I couldn't spell her name after 10 years.

BLOODY HELL. I'VE KNOWN HER FOR OVER 10 YEARS. What the shizzz. haha.


Today, I went to meet April downtown, mega. And we ended up deciding to go see the Bodyworld exhibit.

This reminded me fully of Laura Jane and sitting in the flat (pollock palace) until the wee hours of the morning watching his lecture series on channel four. It was amazing. I love channel four. So educational. They've gone down as of late though. But they used to be better.

Anyway Body worlds was amazing. And I'm going to admit it. It made me hungry. I wanted to leave and go eat braised skeak stew or bacon or something. Kind of gross. I hope that doesn't make me a canabal. Canabal Miller. I do like to bite people. Hmmmm.

The one thing that got me was the baby skull. Did you know that the skull of a baby had plates (kind of like the earth but not) and they all overlap each other, and as the spwan grows its head expands and the plates enlarge and then once they are fully pushed out they merge together and together they stay. So our heads are born with all the bone they need just overlapping. Amazing. AMAZING.

I can't get over it.

And all the capilleries and the blood things and the CND. Beautiful.

I was totally gutted that I couldn't take pictures. It's not like the pictures in the book in the shop are pretty, they are all basic and more biological than artistic.

I parked in a 2 hour parking place, and we were in there for three hours. Three hours. i didn't even feel the time going, but it was wonderful. and I got no parking ticket. high five for me.

But I tell you though, I was on my best behaviour. i touched nothing i wasn't supposed to. Seriously. Not like that time I touched Van Gough's sunflowers PAH HA. Or those magritte paintings in Europe. Or that Rodin statue.

No no... I touched nothing of gunther von haggen's.

Oh... Fools rush in.

I found this really SPECIAL video of it. That girl and I wouldn't be friends. Her earings are too big and she uses her tongue to talk too much. Watch it, she just throws that tongue about.



I like that song, and it came on in the car on the iPod. And I appreciated it.

I am a fool.

But I love me, so i love fools.

And... it's a fact that the female form is far prettier and much more attractive than the male form could ever be. It's just the truth of it. Hip bones, thighs, spine, shoulders. Stunning. Males... not so much. Pleh.

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