Wednesday, 12 November 2008

How Long? Not Long Because What You Reap Is What You Sew.

I suck at blogging these days, but I tell you, I need to get the stories in type-y type-y land.

Metallica, Prop 8 Protests, Futher Flight extensions, the small small world we live in.

So last Monday, in honour of Anne's birthday (that would be my Maw) Maddy and I went to see Metallica. We decided that if we had to pay for seats we would wait until the gig was just about to start and buy them cheap from the scalpers. So there we were sitting about waiting, and then one of the security men came over and started chatting to us. Within a few short minutes he asked what we were waiting for and we told him the truth. He then said that once his friend at the elevator left he had no issues with us going up and 'getting lost in the crowd'.

We chatted to him for a bit more, and it turned out he is actually the neighbour of Alisa (who was an au pair in Glasgow over the summer and whom is now engaged to Euan McArthur) and that he served his mission in Holland – where Charla now is.

At about ten to nine he came over to us and said 'I've managed to locate the people you were looking for, but you have to come with me now.' He then walked us past the ticket people and right up into the area. The crowd had already started to disappear, so we weren't quick off the mark. Doh. We then hopped from one door to the next getting kicked out. We then bumped into our Amigo again and he walked us into the disabled area and told us to say that a security guard sat us there. We lasted about 10 minutes before being kicked out again, and we decided to cut our losses and beat the traffic. But still. I saw Metallica, for free... and got an awesome Salt Lake City Metallica Shirt. Seriously mega.

That was Monday.

Tuesday was all about institute I'm sure and the election YES THE ELECTION. Oh my gosh. It made me so happy. Call me an anti-war, hippy, animal and human lover, but yeah, I am so pleased that something might change now. High five to Obama.

At the time he was announced the winner I as sitting on the love sack at Pedro's eating a chicken burrito from betos (and I had a bean and cheese burrito in my bag that they gave me for free because the guy was all, I started making your burrito and then I realised I was using beans and cheese and not chicken, so I finished it anyway. Do you want it? HECK YEAH.)

Sean came home and I watched some Southpark with him before heading home.

Wednesday was all about institute again and I had Rob D come with me, such a star. And then he deposited me with his flatmates and we kicked it for a couple of hours before I came home. I've been in one of those moods, since Wednesday, that all you want to do it curl into a ball and be warm in a blanket, or something.

I think I ended up staying home all Thursday, I don't remember. Then Friday was all about the wet stuff. Swimming and temple :)

Swimming stats you say?

I'll try and remember.

200yds front
200yds breast
100yds back
100yds butterfly

200yds front legs
100yds back legs
100yds butterfly legs
200yds breast legs

200yds front arms
100 yds breast arms
100 yds butterfly arms
100 yds back arms

400yds front

You know what? I don't remember. There might have even been an IM in there, but I know I swam 2250yds. Which is 90 lengths. That doesn't beat my 124 the week before though. (not a real website, and if it is, don't click it)

I then went to the lion house in memory of Toni and our last day in Utah together to the day. She left me on the 8th last year. I then went to the temple and when I came out the gates were locked and I could hear this faint noise of shouting. I went and pressed my face against the bars and saw a large crowd of people marching down the street.

I was there for 20 minutes or more, watching the entire protest. I filmed the whole thing. And all the abuse and all the signs.

It made me sad because the church has been singled out and blamed, when 1. It happened in California, and 2. They weren't the only people voting. You know?

Anyway, the one sign that made me almost cry was one that this little girl was holding that said 'I love my gay mom's'.

So once it all dwindled and trailed off I got out the gate and started walking up the street, just in time for the protest to come back down the street and meet me right outside the church office building, where I thought I could duck into and wait for them to pass because I think it's rude to walk through a protest. But it turns out they were stopping there to shout for a bit. I took some pictures, froze to death, made my excuses and left the scene.

Saturday was all about tea cups, and Tropic Thunder. And Sunday was all about church, and cartoons and the coincidence that one of my newest friends knows one of my oldest Utah friends. Hmmm.

Monday was all about decisions, and it might well have been one of the worst days of my life. I've never felt so useless and rejected before. I received a couple of emails rejecting some of my work, and another talking about a forthcoming YSA activity that I thought I was planning, but it turns out they don't need me any more. Which is a good thing, I just hate that they didn't really tell me. You know. A nice wee, thanks for your struggle in the past but now things are going to be easy for everyone, would have been nice. That's life I suppose. I've heard nothing from Adbusters, again, which means that i've been rejected, again. And now I am sitting about wondering what to do with my life... again.

Everytime I seem to come up with a plan I fail to be able to put it into action. And work have stopped paying me and sending me work. I don't know what's up with that. But it makes me hefty paranoid.

And I've not written much of my novel and I am really far behind with the stats. I should write some tonight. But it's 2am and What I say next might be squirmy for some, BUT, I think this month thing is unfair to girls, who, for a week of that month, feel like crap.

Just my thoughts. Which I think is what's going on this week.

So I'm staying in utah for another 3 weeks. December 2nd is the new leaving date and i will for sure be leaving this time. I hope. :)

But on the upside I recieved a really nice message yesterday just before going to Marcus's to watch heroes (the only thing I did yesterday) which was talking about the recording of a song that's about the Catcher in the Rye. Can something so amazing exist? Apparently so. That book is my life bible.

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