Thursday, 20 November 2008

C U ....

I wish I was home for my best friend coming back this weekend. I am sending my hugs in a large cloud lined with stars.

Last night, my life was completed, I was able to see Carrie Underwood. Granted, my newest friend and I were terribly late (because I had to go to institute) but it was worth it. And we got there for the best part. That's the truth. The part where she covered Guns N' Roses' Paradise city. It was almost like blasphemy, but I got over it.

Ahhhh people.

This is an odd world.

I am also so tired, because I stayed out until 5am. 5am. 5am. sincerly. Look at me living on the edge and being the biggest piss taker in the world. Hmmm.

I'm also starving because I realise that all I ate yesterday was a banana.

Institute was amazing though.

I had my first ever slurpy. 

And I went swimming, so my skin and muscles were doing this really cool contracting thing for the rest of the night. They felt so fresh and happy.


200yds FC
200yds BS
100yds BC
100yds butterfly (really... I'm getting the hang of it)

200yds FC legs
100yds FC arms
100yds BS arms

200yds FC Paddles and Fins
200yds FC sprint

100yds IM (25 butterfly, 25 back, 25 breast, 25 front)

100yds swim down.

I had an audience. The man in the lane next to me would stand at both ends of the pool and watch me tumble turn or drink water. I started to find it weird. I don't think he was looking at my stroke, that's for sure. I think he was being a creepy perv, because my swim suit is quite low cut in a V, and it also gives me a massive wedgie when I swim haha. Perv man.

I have photos of the past week to post. :)

I can't decide whether to go to Logan tonight to see Bleary again or not. hmmmm.

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