Monday, 12 October 2009

One Cat... Cat For Sale.

Just like Oliver, slightly more evil and not as blonde.

She takes up half the single bed, likes to stick her face in your food, scratch your hand for no reason, bite you when you're give her attention (that she wanted), chases legs and feet, and keeps finding some way to poo in the bath.... and she currently has diarrhoea that she can't seem to control.

I think I'll put her on ebay when I get home from work.

She answers to the name Zero, Zees, Satan, Cow-bag.

I keep telling her if she doesn't stop her crap her future step daddy will have her de-clawed, and then conveniently 'lost.'

Oh she also likes walking in front of you and stopping so you stand or trip on her... she also likes drinking out the tap and that's it.

And last week she put her bum in my eye... I think I'm still going blind from that.

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