Saturday, 31 October 2009

Twenty Six and Seven Weeks

This week has been brought to us by:

The letters: F A N T A S T I C

The Number: Mr

and the word: Fox.

I love it.

Wes Anderson is my hero. he makes me happy.

The movie: fantastic Mr Fox

The music: Street Fighting Man by the Rolling Stones as featured in Fantastic Mr Fox

The happy: Bill Murray as a badger

Also, this week I watched about 90% of the episodes of How I Met Your Mother that were available for my watching pleasure. One of them was amazing, because it involved a lot of the song '500 miles' by the proclaimers. Awesome. Marshall's love of Scotland fuels my own love and passion for this country.

I also had a miniature wedding dress fitting thing, so wheels are in motion... pleased.

And I went to a hallowe'en party where I witnessed the most amazing things ever. I'll post another hallowe'en post about those. But yeah I was meant to do something for the church party but had no idea how to do it or what to do, so tried to contact the people, but couldnt, so I was just going to leave the church and never see them again. Which seems like a good solution to me. My mum actually made me leave and go with her, and we awkwardly pitched up 45 minutes late. I hate being late. I really need to get my car fixed. But it was okay, they didn't hate me, and the thing I was meant to be doing was pretty much running itself. So it was all good.


I feel like I'm becoming a flake.


NaNoWriMo starts in 10 minutes for me. I can't decide if I should start now or wait until tomorrow. I've got some ideas, but it's going to be hard to pull them off.

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